SplashArt water drop photography header
SplashArt water drop photography header

What's new?

The SplashArt Kit  Pricing

We have held the price of the kit for nearly 9 years now.


Upgrades and other increased costs will mean a price increase will be inevitable.


We will try to keep the price of the kit below £200 and hold off the increase until

Aug 2023



New SplashArt Tutorial Video


Help with the basic setup and lighting for water drop collision photography using the SplashArt Kit

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July 2013

The SplashArt Kit from High Speed Photography is a must for macro photographers who want to shoot water droplet collisions easily and accurately.

The SplashArt Kit receives a 5 Star Rating From Gavin Hoey 


You can read the full review here

SplashArt Kit Review

Receives 4 Stars

on ephotozine

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