SplashArt water drop photography header
SplashArt water drop photography header

Th Splashart Kit

At the heart of the SplashArt system is custom digital control unit specifically designed for water drop photography.


Delay range for each parameter is programmed in the firmware of the SplashArt Control Box.

These settings are regulated by the same High Frequency Quartz Control that we use in our high speed Phototrigger.


In order to make the system as user friendly as possible we have used tactile control dials to vary each of the parameters.


1. Left Hand Dial controls the size of the first drop.

2. Centre Dial controls the gap between drops.

3. Right Hand Dial controls the size of the second drop.

4. Bottom Dial controls the camera shutter delay.


The start button initiates the drop sequence and is also used to select twin drop or single drop mode.


The SplashArt Kit Stand has an adjustable head for accurate alignment of the drop nozzle.


The SplashArt Kit is supplied with an extended DSLR shutter cable, Power Supply and Solenoid Control Cable.


The stand, water reservoir, solenoid assembly is only 5 inches wide so can be stored very easily.


For pictures taken with the kit please visit our flickr user group.


The instructions for the SplashArt Kit are here

New SplashArt users are more than welcome to join the group and share both pictures and tips.


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July 2013

The SplashArt Kit from High Speed Photography is a must for macro photographers who want to shoot water droplet collisions easily and accurately.

The SplashArt Kit receives a 5 Star Rating From Gavin Hoey 


You can read the full review here

SplashArt Kit Review

Receives 4 Stars

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