SplashArt water drop photography header
SplashArt water drop photography header

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The SplashArt Water Drop Kit

The easiest way possible to capture water drop collision photographs.


Microprocessor control for incredible accuracy


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Very Easy          To Use      


Four Easy to understand rotary controls

1. Size of first drop

2. Gap between drops

3. Size of second Drop

4. Camera Delay



The SplashArt Kit is truly the easiest to use water drop photography kit on the market.

Create          Great Images

SplashArt Introduction Video

SplashArt Tutorial

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Practical Photography Magazine Review

Another great review of the SplashArt Kit has just been published in Practical Photography Magazine. The SplashArt Water Drop Kit was awarded 5 out of 5 stars


Extract from the review


"The solenoid and tank release droplets with incredible accuracy for great shots every time"


"I would highly reccomend this kit to macro photographers interested in capturing water droplets including crowns and collisions easily and precisely"


Quotes from the SplashArt Kit review in Practical Photography Magazine July 2013

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July 2013

The SplashArt Kit from High Speed Photography is a must for macro photographers who want to shoot water droplet collisions easily and accurately.

The SplashArt Kit receives a 5 Star Rating From Gavin Hoey 


You can read the full review here

SplashArt Kit Review

Receives 4 Stars

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